*REMINDER: Since there is no cover charge for this first of a kind event, our “HOME TEAM” has put together one of the greatest productions that will go down in Oakland World Wide Raider Nation History. Please bring your own tailgate chairs and your welcome to add to our Forever Oakland Pot Luck of Food and Drinks. There will be plenty. Mob Alley is a Drug Free zone since we host the Longest Tailgate within the NFL and play host to Kids, the Media, political leaders and professional athletes.


M.O.B. - ( 4DUB - 9PM GOING LIVE 5/1, MOB ALLEY ).
*3 days and counting. Lead by DJ MOB SKULL and 4DUB’s Shaleaf Perkins, Raider Mystic and Spidey Locc will be going live this Friday night 5/1, 9pm at the NFL’s Longest tailgate - Mob Alley, in Honor of our 1 Year Forever Oakland Celebration.. They will be performing the 1st of a kind “Forever Oakland Song” and “Jack Del Rio Song”.. - TO OUR WORLD WIDE VIEWING AUDIENCE, REPOST AND SPREAD THE WORD-







Here is an itinerary of the events that are to take pace beginning Friday, May 1st, and going through Saturday, May 2nd: The following are some specific details on how our supporters and volunteers can be involved with this 1st of a kind weekend slated for Friday, May 1st through Saturday, May 2nd, 2015:

Friday, May 1st @ Mob Alley (66th Avenue – Oakland – across from the Coliseum)

– Video Shoot @ 3pm–

*The NFL’s Finest - the 66th Mob– will be watching Day 2 of the NFL draft, outdoors with Satellite dish and a TV. Everybody is encouraged to join us. During that time, the actual video shoots for the music videos.

*9 pm and on, 4DUB (along with DJ Mob Skull) will perform live, the NEW “Jack Del Rio” and “Forever Oakland” songs. We will be filming video shots all night on Mob Alley.

–Forever Oakland – Family Potluck of Food and Drinks—

From 3 pm on, as any of our supporters and volunteers arrive, we ask that everybody please bring an ice chest (drinks of your choice included ), your own tailgate chairs, and a side dish/meat, as we all will contribute food for a Forever Oakland - Family Pot Luck. Marshmallows, graham crackers, Hershey bars, and long sticks are highly encouraged for the all night bon fire.

*Overnight tailgate to become an “Official 66th Mobster” is also highly encouraged*

Saturday, May 2nd AM @ Mob Alley (66th Avenue – Oakland – across from the Coliseum)

*From 9:30 am and on, a contingent of Raider fans will also be meeting us on Mob Alley for coffee and breakfast fixings. Then, as part of the video shoot, we will caravan over to Oakland Raiders HQ, leaving Mob Alley at 10:30 am.

Saturday, May 2nd @ Raiders HQ (Alameda) – 11 am

–Video Shoot and Family Pizza Party – 11 am and on–

*All attendees are highly encouraged to be at Raiders HQ no later than 11 am to partake in this 1st of a kind celebration. While there, we will be filming a video shoot for the two NEW songs “Jack Del Rio” and “Forever Oakland”), and asking that everybody donate funds for a pizza party.
A deal will have already been placed in advance (with a local pizza establishment– for the occasion) to place a huge order by 11:30 am, and have pizzas delivered to Raiders HQ.

*We ask that all parents/adults bring ice chests with soda/water/kiddie drinks and any sweets/cupcakes/cakes/candy, etc.

-Our core staff will provide a few tables, napkins, cups, paper plates, and garbage bags.
-We will ask of everybody to please help us pick up any garbage, and keep things clean.
-Please bring your own tailgate chairs.

–After conclusion of event @ Raiders HQ – Completion of Video Shoot–

*Once the event at Raiders HQ has concluded, the 66th MOB / Forever Oakland core staff and 4DUB will finish the video shoot by driving around as a group (a caravan), and visiting different “iconic sites” in Oakland for the remainder of that afternoon. All supporters and volunteers are more than welcome to caravan with us for the occasion, in order to partake in the remaining video shoot.